A Lawyer Presents
the Evidence for the Afterlife

by Wendy & Victor Zammit

Now Available for the First Time in the US!


Unlike books which just look at one area of evidence, this book investigates more than twenty different areas of evidence for the afterlife giving you the key facts and references all in one place. It concentrates on highly convincing evidence that is credible, repeatable and admissible in a court of law.

It also introduces you to ways that you can find your own personal proof that what we call “death” is just a transition to a different dimension.

Reviews from leaders in the field

james van praagh2“This book should be required by anyone ever questioning life after death …” James Van Praag, international  medium.


alisondubois2.jpgInvestigating lawyer Victor Zammit teaches us to think and feel outiside the negative stereotype conditioning.” Allison Dubois, international medium.


vandersandeThis book is a great comprehensive overview of psychic phenomena and proof of the afterlife. Highly recommended.” Professor  Jan Vandersande, (retired professor of Physics).


 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“If  I had to select one book for my pocket library it would be Victor and Wendy Zammit’s book,” Tom Butler,  ATransc. Director (leading EVP researcher, U.S.A.).


BOBGINSBERG ” Those who are ‘on the fence’ about the existence of the afterlife owe it to themselves to read this book…”  Robert Ginsberg, Forever Family Foundation


 michaeltymn2 “The evidence for the afterlife is overwhelming, easily meeting  the preponderance evidence standard of Civil Law. Michel Tymn, author, editor, Vice President, Academy of Spirituality & Paranormal Studies, Afterlife researcher, Hawaii


robinfoy2 ” Any jury in a court of law listening to the evidence presented in this book would – I believe – have no alternative logically but to find the case PROVEN!! ” Robin Foy,  Scole Experimenter.


miachel danner2  “As an attorney myself, I can honestly state that the evidence  Victor Zammit presents is very persuasive … and thanks to his work I now fully accept the afterlife exists.” Michael Danner,  Attorney, Cypress California, USA.


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